Welcome to 1 Cup of Joy. Finally my imaginary food blog becomes a real thing.

So why start a blog? I decided sometime ago that I need to somehow document all the meals I prepare, create a recipe book of sorts for future personal use. A database of tried and tested recipes. Right now they are all scattered with pictures in one place, ingredients and instructions either in ‘notes’ of my phone or scribbled in pieces of papers (whatever I could find near me while on the phone with my mom or mom-in-law or aunts). Of course, there is also the added benefits of being able to easily share these recipes with friends.

Before I got started, I went online and checked all the various food bloggers out there. I was (still am) amazed! I don’t know how they manage to do it all: they cook, take apetizing pictures, they share, they spend time building audience and responding to every question that gets posted promptly.

So here’s hoping I can do it all!


3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey Joy…
    if there is one thing i miss most about the year 2006, its your kitchen experiments that me and Swati played happy guinea pigs to most weekday afternoons! this blog just brings the memories back…can you post your paneer butter masal recipe 🙂

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